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By Dental Implant & Cosmetic Center
October 13, 2016
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Dental crowns offer an excellent way to restore damaged teeth and improve your smile. Dr. Joseph Zaky, your Yorktown Heights, NY dental crownsdentist at Dental Implant and Cosmetic, PC, shares information about this versatile restoration option.

What are crowns?

Crowns, also called caps, strengthen and restore damaged teeth. Your dentist may recommend a crown if you have chips or cracks or a broken tooth. Crowns are also helpful if a dental procedure has weakened a tooth, making it more susceptible to fracturing. For example, a large cavity can destroy a significant amount of healthy tooth structure and make the tooth more likely to crack and break if you don't take steps to protect it. Since hollow crowns cover teeth completely, they're a good choice to stabilize broken teeth.

Crowns are made from a variety of materials that look very much like your tooth enamel and are just as strong, including porcelain, ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal and resin. Other choices include metal alloys and gold.

Are crowns used for other purposes?

Crowns are also used to improve the appearance of teeth or make chewing easier. If you want to hide an imperfection in a tooth, a crown offers an easy way to make that little flaw disappear. Crowns provide excellent coverage for discolorations, strangely shaped teeth and slightly crooked teeth. They're also used to lengthen short teeth, as one or more short teeth can affect your bite and your ability to chew foods.

Is the crown process complicated?

Getting a crown only takes two appointments. During the first appointment, your Yorktown Heights dentist will reduce the size of your tooth slightly. Reducing the tooth is necessary to ensure that your new crown fits well. After reducing the tooth, he'll make an impression of your mouth and create a temporary crown that you'll wear until your permanent crown is ready. Permanent crowns usually require a few minor adjustments for a perfect fit. Once your crown is adjusted, your dentist will attach it to your mouth with dental cement.

Dental crowns can help you keep smiling! Call Dr. Zaky, your Yorktown Heights, NY dentist at Dental Implant and Cosmetic, PC, at (914) 243-7777 to make an appointment. Restore your smile with dental crowns.