Ways Sedation Dentistry Can Help Relieve Anxiety

By Dental Implant & Cosmetic PC
June 10, 2016
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Dental anxiety, or phobia, is a serious, and often debilitating, problem. Some individuals are so fearful of going to the dentist that they don't go at all--much to the detriment of their oral and overall health.

Your Yorktown Heights dentist, Dr. Joseph Zaky, and his staff at Dental Implant & Cosmetic PC totally understand, and they specialize in Sedation Dentistryhelping anxious patients relax in the dental chair and get the services they need. Dr. Zaky has advanced training in sedation dentistry--methods of administering medications that relieve anxiety.

Deciding on Sedation

When considering sedation dentistry, Dr. Zaky first reviews the individual's medical and surgical history and list of current medications. After an oral examination to determine what preventive and restorative services the patient needs, Dr. Zaky outlines sedation options, explaining how he delivers them, how they work and what to expect from them. Your Yorktown Heights dentist wishes his sedation patients be fully informed about their treatments, including sedation.

Sedation Offered by Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC

One of the most common, safe and reliable sedation options is nitrous oxide, or "laughing gas." The American Dental Association states that for generations, laughing gas has helped patients feel at ease while getting their teeth cleaned, fillings placed and undergoing a whole host of dental treatments.

Given via a comfortable mask which fits over the nose, nitrous oxide gives people a very relaxed, even giddy feeling, to the point where they may be a bit giggly. That's where the name "laughing gas" comes from. Dr. Zaky may increase or decrease the flow of the gas as necessary, and its sedative effects wear off almost immediately when he stops the medication. The patient may drive home after this procedure.

Another choice is oral conscious sedation. Dr. Zaky prescribes medication such as Valium or Ativan to be taken just before the dental appointment or in the treatment room. Under the influence of this medication, most individuals feel very sleepy or even drop off to sleep during their treatments. Dr. Zaky and his team monitor the patient's blood pressure, heart rate, and respirations. The patient is easily awakened and often has no memory of his dental work. He must get a ride home from a friend or loved one.

Lastly, IV (intravenous) sedation confers deep relaxation. Administered through a needle in the arm, this medication is fully adjustable and allows the dentist to perform multiple, complex treatments. The patient may sleep and experience some amnesia afterwards. Vital signs are fully monitored, and the patient must be driven home.

Is Sedation for You?

If you face multiple procedures or simply dread going to the dentist, sedation dentistry could be your lifesaver. Contact the office staff at Dental Implant & Cosmetic PC in Yorktown Heights, NY to arrange a consult with Dr. Zaky.